A Mother’s Day Arrival

My son Chris was born on Mothers’ Day, May 12, 1996. He arrived seven weeks early and he was plagued by many of the problems preemies are prone to. When he was finally doing better, what did we want to do? Take him to Disney World! And with the doctor’s OK we did just that.

On our first day there we were traveling by boat to the Magic Kingdom when we were approached by a Cast Member. He asked if we would like to take part in a Disney celebration show commemorating Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary.

We were so happy and excited! The time came and we were in the show but didn’t have a way to film it. After we were in the show my husband approached a man who had been filming and we asked if we could buy a copy from him. He was so sweet and wouldn’t accept any payment. He took our address and promised to mail a copy to us when he returned home to Europe. Within a month we received our much-treasured copy. We still watch it fondly and will watch it again this year when Mother’s Day and Chris’s birthday fall on May 12 again.

Jackie, 43, Newark, DE

Posted 5 years Ago
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