Dear Disney, I wanted you to know what an impact “Friends for Change” has made on my daughter, Katie (age 8). We visited my uncle’s farm, which has been in the family for approximately 130 years. She noticed that people had marred this beautiful area with litter. After studying the situation for a while she asked if she could clean it up.

I told her that her great-grandfather Walter Black would go out on a regular basis and walk the ditch lines, picking up all of the trash. She said she had learned on “Friends for Change” how important it is to keep our world clean. She spent her entire evening yesterday (Earth Day 2013) picking up trash in memory of her great-grandfather and because she would like to start a “Friends for Change” group.

Thank you for starting “Friends for Change”. I am an amateur nature photographer and have always loved and respected the outdoors. Your program helps kids learn the importance of taking care of the planet!

— Velvet, 48, Catlettsburg, KY

Posted 4 years Ago
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