How Well Do You Know … Disney Superheroes and Masked Crusaders?


1) What was the name of Zorro’s sidekick on the Disney TV series?

A) Bernardo

B) Tonto

C) Alejandro


2) What is Bolt’s super power?

A) Hyperjump

B) Superbark

C) Ultraspeed


3) In “The Incredibles,” what was the villain’s name before he changed it to “Syndrome”?

A) Bobby White

B) Sidney Snivel

C) Buddy Pine


4) Where was “Zorro” set?

A) Mexico

B) Texas

C) California


5) In “Sky High,” what is Warren Peace’s super power?

A) Creating duplicates of himself

B) Controlling fire

C) He can change his hair color at will


6) In “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes,” how does Dexter Reilly acquire his amazing abilities?

A) Via an electric shock while working on a computer

B) Drinking a secret formula

C) Struck on the head by a computer


7) What is the name of the villainous secret organization on “Darkwing Duck”?

A) Q.U.A.C.K.

B) The Fellowship of Feathered Fiends

C) F.O.W.L.


8) What colors was Mr. Incredible’s original costume?

A) Red, black, and gold

B) Light blue, black, and red

C) Red, gold, and dark blue


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1) A) Bernardo was played by Gene Sheldon – and even got to don the Zorro mask himself a few times!

2) B) Offstage, Bolt doesn’t actually have any super powers, but on his television show he is the master of the “superbark.”

3) C) Syndrome starts out as Buddy Pine, Mr. Incredible’s “biggest fan.”

4) C) Zorro takes place in old California, when it was still a Spanish possession.

5) B) Warren Peace (love that name!) has “pyrokinesis,” the ability to manipulate fire.

6) Dexter gets shocked while working on a computer during a thunderstorm. He was played by Kurt Russell, who later portrayed a superhero dad in “Sky High”!

7) C) F.O.W.L. stands for Fiendish Organization for World Larceny.

8) B) The new suit Edna Mode designs for him is red, black, and gold, but his original color scheme was quite different!

Posted 4 years Ago
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