Thank You, Disney Angel!


I have been going to Walt Disney World since before I can remember. I stopped counting at around my 100th visit. Growing up in Florida and having a parent that loved Disney more than I did has given me a lifetime of Disney memories that I will forever cherish. That is why, when my wife and I got married five years ago, I was ecstatic to discover her love for all things Disney.
We have visited Walt Disney Worlds four times in the last four years, and each time something truly memorable happens that leaves us anxious for our next trip. My family and friends have experienced random acts of kindness from both Cast Members and fellow Guests. In fact, we have coined the phrase “Disney Angel” to describe an anonymous person who suddenly appears to bring joy to our lives, then disappears just as quickly.
During our most recent visit in April 2013 we were visited by another “Disney Angel”. We had planned on visiting the Parks Monday through Friday but, as usual, our desire to get started could not be contained. After arriving on Saturday, we decided to visit the various resorts and Downtown Disney. During our visit to Polynesian we found ourselves in the “Bou- tiki” gift shop. My wife, the avid pin collector, got right to work checking the lanyards of all the Cast Members in sight. After she had checked several lanyards to no avail, one Cast Member asked if there was a specific pin she was searching for. She had her heart set on collecting the new villain parking-lot pins. Unfortunately, no one had seen any … or so we thought.
After a few minutes of searching the gift shop for other Disney sundries that we just could not live without, we were approached by an elderly woman with a big smile on her face. Pat was a Cast Member who wanted to know how our visit to Walt Disney World was going so far. She noticed my wife’s lanyard and asked how her pin-trading was going. My wife expressed optimism that she would find what she was looking for. That is when Pat stopped her and told her that during a recent conversation with Mickey Mouse, he had told her that my wife was seeking the villain parking-lot pins and had sent Pat to deliver one of the pins to my wife. We were both speechless. We gave Pat a hug and thanked her and Mickey for giving us, not only the pin, but another memory. Then, just as quickly as she had appeared, Pat was gone.
Walt Disney World never ceases to amaze me. They continually exceed my expectations and I cannot wait to plan my next trip. Love for Walt Disney World is contagious. I have successfully converted dozens of Disney skeptics to Disney maniacs, and stories of our many Disney Angels make it even easier!

Posted 4 years Ago
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