Iron Man Tech – By The Numbers

Adventure film fans and science lovers alike, take note: right now at Disneyland Park’s Innoventions you can check out an exact, full-scale replica of Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor from the brand-new film, Iron Man 3. Not only that, but guests can even try on Iron Man’s newest armor via special augmented reality technology and even fire off a few virtual repulsor blasts.

Putting together an exhibit of this size is no small feat, even when you’re powered by an ARC reactor. To put it in perspective, we gathered some armor-blasting numbers from behind the scenes.

Iron Man armors on display in Innoventions at Disneyland Park: Eight, including Mark I-VII, and Mark 42.

Weight of one individual suit: 40 pounds. The Mark I is the heaviest, weighing in at approximately 60 lbs.

Boxes it took to get the suits and Hall of Armor replica to the Innoventions exhibit: 8 very large crates, weighing approximately 2000 lbs. each, carried on two giant flatbed trailers. A crane was needed just to get them into the building.

Total square footage of the exhibit: Roughly 1,500 sq. ft., the same as Tony Stark’s Malibu workshop.

Most firepower-packed suit: Mark VII, which features over 92 micro missiles, twin tri-barreled laser modules, and even a single anti-armor missile!

Most recent make of Tony Stark’s suits: Mark 42, which can be “called” by Tony to fly toward him piece by piece and assemble directly on his body in a matter of seconds.

Time it takes for guests to virtually “suit up” for themselves in the Stark Industries Simulation Module: Approximately 30 seconds before you can virtually see yourself in Iron Man’s signature red and gold.

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Posted 5 years Ago
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