The Force Is Strong with These Young Ones

Our family of four arrived at Hollywood Studios at 7 a.m. to be at the front of the line when the Park opened for the Star WarsMay the Fourth Be with YouLimited Time Magic event. We registered for Jedi Training Academy (parents were allowed to participate!), bought our limited-edition merchandise, and headed for Star Tours. Our boys (9 and 6) have been huge Star Wars fans since they first saw the movies in December of 2011. They were really looking forward to seeing characters on the ride that day. We got some Fast Passes that morning, and met some out-of-this-world Star Wars characters around the Park.

We rode Star Tours several times. After the third or fourth ride, our 6-year-old was getting a little tired, so he opted out. On that ride, our 9-year-old was chosen to be the rebel spy! He was so excited, and this was so special for him, that we bought him the “I Am the Rebel Spy” T-shirt. When our younger son found out he was happy for his brother, but wanted to be the rebel spy, too. We told him he should go on the ride for fun, not to be the rebel spy, because the chances of that happening are very, very small. With our last set of Fast Passes, our boys rode together with their dad, and to our surprise our younger son was the rebel spy! He got a T-shirt too, and they will always remember that they both got to be the rebel spy on “Star Wars Day.” That put a day that was already magical way over the top!

— Laura, 41, Darien, CT

Posted 6 years Ago
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