Encounters with the Boy Who Never Grows Up


Everyone in my family is an avid Disney fan. Our family “Disneymania” began with our Disney World honeymoon in 1978. We have been blessed with four wonderful children and have been taking them to Disney since they were each around two years of age.

One of the things we try to do with each visit is to have breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. On three different trips, in the span of maybe 10 years, our table was visited by Peter Pan. When our two oldest boys, Jeremy and Noah, were seven and four, we snapped a picture with Peter Pan. On our next visit to breakfast at the castle the boys were maybe ten and seven and again, we took a picture with Peter Pan.

At our last family breakfast at the castle, Jeremy and Noah were now about 16 and 13 and much, much taller — and a little more camera-shy with the Disney Characters. However, I caught a glimpse of Peter Pan and told the boys we had to get another picture of them with Peter Pan. As he came to our table, as usual, he was very happy to pose with the boys. As they stood up for the picture, he noticed immediately that they were much much taller than him, and he exclaimed right before the picture was taken “What do you feed these two!” We all laughed and thanked Peter for his time.

It wasn’t until we returned home, and I was going through our new vacation pictures and began comparing them with the ones taken during our other Disney trips, that I noticed that the Peter Pan that had posed with my boys all three times — through a span of approximately 10 years — was the exact same Peter Pan! Disney World truly is a magical place.

Our next family trip to Disney World will be at Christmas 2013. Our family has grown and now includes ouroldest son Jeremy’s wife, four-year-old daughter Hayden, and two-year-old son, Grayson. Once again we will be having breakfast at Cinderella Castle — this time to celebrate our own Princess Hayden and Prince Grayson. Maybe we will get an opportunity to snap a photo of Peter Pan once again and add it to our photo memories. Thanks Disney, for all you do!

— Micki, 58, Cincinnati, OH

Posted 4 years Ago
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