My husband, Sam, and I fhad a reservation for the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant at Hollywood Studios for lunch. As we awaited our table in the sitting area I left Sam to go to the restroom. On my return he informed me that he had signed us up for something, but wasn’t sure what. About that time a Cast Member approached me with a red boa and placed it around my neck. Sam was given a Derby hat to wear. She also gathered our belongings and took them to our seat. We were the celebrities for the day!

We greeted our guest and had photos made outside in front of the restaurant sign, then Sam cut the red ribbon for the grand opening and we walked the red carpet. As we experienced all of this, we were surprised and delighted as we did not know they did this sort of thing. Before we left the restaurant we were given a brochure with all our photos in it and a ticket for special seating at Fantasmic! that evening. The Cast Members treated us as “celebrities” until we left. Such fun, we were so amused by it all. I am 54 and Sam is 64. We have been married 35 years and have never had a magical moment like this one. Leave it to Disney to surprise you with the unexpected.

— Kathy, 54, Hamilton, MS

Posted 4 years Ago
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