Two-for-One Fun at Disneyland


As Disneyland Annual Passholders while living in Southern California, my wife and I took every opportunity to go to the Parks, dine at the restaurants, and buy from the shops at Downtown Disney. We are self-described Disney fanatics, and there was nothing we preferred to do more on our nights and weekends than take in the magic and excitement of the Disneyland Resort.

After a couple of years of visiting the Parks as a couple my wife and I found out that she was expecting twins! As the pregnancy progressed, my wife naturally became more uncomfortable and it became difficult to visit the resort. Further, we decided that we would move back home to be closer to family.

Our twins, one boy and one girl, were born in late November. With our move home just days away, I asked my wife how she wanted to spend her last weekend in California. She simply said, “I want to take the twins to Disneyland.” Since they were only two weeks old, we didn’t ride many attractions with the twins. Instead we mostly walked around the Park, enjoying the Christmas decorations. Even at that age the sparkling lights attracted their attention. We ended up taking them on the gentle “It’s a Small World” — their first Disney ride! We also got our first true family picture taken with Santa Goofy. While we’ve made many trips to the Disney World resort since, we treasure the memory of our children’s first trip to Disneyland.

–Don, 44, Greenville, SC

Posted 4 years Ago
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