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This week, the Disney network of websites delivered delightful reads on quite a wide range of topics, from the Enchanted Tiki Room’s colorful history, to the employment opportunities of defeated Disney villains. And also, fun facts about popcorn and ice cream! You’ll find it all among our favorite articles from the past seven days:


Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Disney Parks Blog

With the summer sun high in the sky, the Disney Parks Blog has good reason to have ice cream on the mind. As they point out, There’s Just One Place for Old Fashioned Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bars at Disney California Adventure Park, and you’ll get hungry looking at their photos of the chocolatey process.


Roastie Toasties

In another fun article inspired by tasty Park eats, Babble took An Inside Look at The Secret Popcorn People of Disneyland, also known as the “Roastie Toasties.” Their photo set captures the miniature characters within the seven popcorn wagons, a practice dating way back to 1955. The Abominable Snowman is clearly one of our favorites of the bunch.


The Tiki Room

The Official Disney Fan Club served up an incredibly in-depth historical review of one of Disneyland’s most beloved attractions in their article, The Tiki Room Celebrates 50 Years. Their look back starts well before the Enchanted Tiki Room’s June 23, 1963 premiere, and includes details about the show’s inspiration, creation, and subsequent popularity.


Captain Hook's Resume

Oh My Disney
If there’s one nice thing you can say about almost all of Disney animation’s baddest of bad guys, from Captain Hook to Ursula, it’s that they do know how to show initiative. Oh My Disney decided to dig into these evil-doers’ personnel files and examine their Disney Villain Resumes, to see what other skills they might have to impress future employers with.

Posted 4 years Ago
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