How Well Do You Know … Disney Cowboys and Western Heroes?


From the caballeros of Olde California to the Lone Ranger and everyone in between, test your knowledge of Disney’s horsemen and wranglers!


1)      We all know Silver is the Lone Ranger’s horse – but do you know the name of Tonto’s steed?

A)     Kemosabe

B)      Scout

C)      Bravo


2)      What is Zorro’s other identity?

A)     Don Diego de la Vega

B)      Don Ricardo Lopez

C)      Don Juan de Fuca


3)      Which cartoon short stars Mickey as a cowboy?

A)     Ten-Gallon Mickey

B)      Yippie Ki Mouse

C)      Two-Gun Mickey


4)      Who starred as White Bull in Disney’s live-action film Tonka?

A)     Tommy Kirk

B)      Kurt Russell

C)      Sal Mineo


5)      Which of these Disney frontier heroes is NOT based on a real historical figure?

A)     Davy Crockett

B)      Texas John Slaughter

C)      Elfego Baca

D)     None of the above


6)      Which Mickey Mouse Clu” serial told the story of two tenderfoots learning the ropes on a Western dude ranch?

A)     The Adventures of Spin and Marty

B)      Corky and the White Shadow

C)      The Mystery of Ghost Farm


7) In 1962’s The Legend of Lobo, who is Lobo?

A) An outlaw

B) A singer

C) A wolf









1)      B – Tonto rides Scout.

2)      A – by day, Don Diego de la Vega is a wealthy landowner in Alta California – no one knows he rides the nights as Zorro!

3)      C – This 1934 cartoon features cowpoke Mickey riding to the rescue when Pete kidnaps cowgirl Minnie.

4)      C – The 1958 film starred Sal Mineo as a young Native American boy who captures and tames the wild stallion Tonka.

5)      D – All three gentlemen were very real (and fascinating) parts of Western history! While Crockett is well-known to contemporary Americans, the exploits of the two lawmen Baca and Slaughter are less familiar today.

6)      A – One of the most popular serials in Mickey Mouse Club history, The Adventures of Spin and Marty ran in 1955 and inspired two sequels, The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty (1956) and The New Adventures of Spin and Marty” (1957) – not to mention comic books and merchandise.

7)      C – The name is a clue, since “lobo” means “wolf” in Spanish. This film offers audiences a beautiful view of the American Southwest as a wolf and his pack struggle to survive among the cattle ranches.

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