The Magic of Disneyland


Growing up in Los Angeles,  one would think I might have gone to Disneyland a lot. However, I came from a very poor family and a trip to Disneyland was an event that happened only three times in my childhood. The one thing I remember about those Disneyland visits were the Mickey Mouse balloons. My parents were on a tight budget and balloons were not something they could buy.

When my husband and I returned to Disneyland for the first time by ourselves, I told him that the only item I wanted was a Mickey Mouse balloon and that I wanted to bring it home with me. This made for an interesting conversation since we had flown to California from New Mexico. During our second day at the Magic Kingdom my husband stopped a Cast Member who was selling balloons and explained my lifelong wish. The Cast Member whispered something to him and at the end of the day, as we left the Park, he stopped at Guest Services. We were presented with Mickey Mouse balloons that had not been inflated so we could take them on the flight home — and, to top it off, Guest Services would not let him pay for them. They said they were very happy to make someone’s wish come true.

Needless to say, after many years the thrill of having my own Mickey Mouse balloons from Disneyland was worth the wait. Disney seems to make everything magical no matter what your age.

— Rita, 52, Albequerque, NM

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Posted 4 years Ago
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