How Well Do You Know … Disney Comics?

Carl Barks

Comic Con, the annual celebration of comic books, comic art, and all things awesome, is in full swing in San Diego this weekend. What better time to test your knowledge of the rich history of Disney comics?

1. When did the first Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip debut?
A) 1930
B) 1933
C) 1938

2. Which of these Disney film characters starred in a long-running comic strip?
A)Scamp from Lady and the Tramp<
B) Peter Pan
C)Davy Crockett

3. Disney comic book artist Don Rosa is famous for hiding the letters D.U.C.K. in his artwork. What do they stand for?
A) Nothing – it’s just a reference to Donald Duck
B) Disney Understands Cool Kids
C) Dedicated to Uncle Carl from Keno

4. Donald’s nephews are well-known members of the Junior Woodchucks. To what scouting organization do Daisy Duck’s nieces belong?
A) The Chuckettes
B) The Chickadees
C) The Chipmunk Sisters

5. Which title is the longest-running Disney comic book to date?
A) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories
B) Donald Duck Adventures
C) Uncle Scrooge

6. The Beagle Boys are featured in many of the Donald Duck comics. Who are they?
A) A boy band
B) Criminals
C) A scouting organization that competes with the Junior Woodchucks

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1) A – The Mickey Mouse strip debuted January 13, 1930.
2) A – Scamp ran in newspapers for 33 years, from 1955 to 1988.
3) C – This is an affectionate tribute to the great Disney comics artist Carl Barks (Keno is Rosa’s first name, although he goes by his middle name, Don).
4) B – The Chickadees, like the Junior Woodchucks, were invented for the comics by the richly creative artist Carl Barks.
5) A – Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories debuted in 1940, and has continued in various formats ever since.
6) B – The Beagle Boys are a criminal syndicate who often run afoul of Uncle Scrooge.

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