Insider Recommends: Best Stories of the Week

We’ve been reading all of the stories posted on the Disney network of websites for the past week and collecting our favorites to share with you. Take a look at what we found:


Let Them Wear Towels

Disney Post
The Official Blog of The Walt Disney Company spoke with sports journalist and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts employee Michele Himmelberg about her participation in Let Them Wear Towels, a new ESPN documentary. Part of ESPN’s ongoing series of documentaries about women in sports known as Nine for IX, Let Them Wear Towels explores the historic challenges faced by women sports journalists making their way in a profession dominated by men.


Disney Achievements We Wish Were Real

Oh My Disney
With their article Disney Achievements We Wish Were Real, Oh My Disney hopes to honor the great lengths Disney fans regularly go for their fandom. To do this, they’ve created their own line of merit badges for feats like “Visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 24 Hours” or “Recite the Haunted Mansion Intro Without Help.” There’s even one for naming your child after your favorite Disney character.


Floral Mickey, 1955

As part of their ongoing D’scovered series, The Official Disney Fan Club has shared another set of fascinating photos from the Disney vault. This time, it’s all about Disneyland Park’s Floral Mickey, an element of the Park’s presentation that came together at the very last moment. See photos of the planting process, as well as an exclusive inter-office memo from July of ‘55 that you’ll find on D23’s site.


Enchanted Tiki Room Sign

Disney Parks Blog
The art and collectibles team at Disney Parks have a serious hit on their hands with their new vintage signage program. They’ve been reproducing famous Disney Parks signage to sell at various Parks locations, but can’t seem to keep them on shelves for long. The Disney Parks Blog spoke to senior merchandiser about the process of recreating Disney signs and grabbed great photos of the extremely popular set.

Posted 4 years Ago
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