How Well Do You Know … True-Life Adventures?


Innovative animation put the Walt Disney Studios on the map, but Walt was also a pioneer in many other areas – including nature films. The True-Life Adventures series introduced audiences to wild places and creatures that many would never have a chance to see otherwise, and helped pioneer the nature documentary tradition that continues today with Disneynature. See how much you can recall about True-Life Adventures!

1) Which True-Life Adventure records the life of a young squirrel?

A) Nature’s Half-Acre

B) Perri

C) The Vanishing Prairie

2) Which was the first True-Life Adventure Film?

A) White Wilderness

B) Bear Country

C) Seal Island

3) In The Living Desert, which desert does the movie cover?

A) The Sonoran

B) The Sahara

C) The Mojave

4) What kind of cat is the “Jungle Cat” in the 1959 film?

A) Tiger

B) Jaguar

C) Leopard

5) How many of the True-Life Adventures earned Academy Awards®?

A) One

B) Five

C) Eight

6) Which True-Life Adventure film was banned in New York State upon its release?

A) The Vanishing Prairie

B) White Wilderness

C) Nature’s Half-Acre

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1) B – Perri follows a female squirrel’s adventures as she grows and finds a mate. It was the only film labeled a “True-Life Fantasy,” as it used real nature footage to follow the plot of a novel by Felix Salten (the author of Bambi).

2) C – Seal Island was released in 1948 and earned an Academy Award ® for Best Short Subject. This success paved the way for more in the True-Life Adventure series.

3) A – The Living Desert was filmed in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona.

4) B — Jungle Cat follows the life of a female South American jaguar.

5) C – The series was a perennial favorite in the Best Short Subject category, thanks to outstanding camera work and fascinating content.

6) A – The censors were upset by a sequence of a buffalo calf being born. They later reversed the decision, but not before Walt had a chance to quip, “It would be a shame if New York children had to believe the stork brings buffaloes too.”

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