A few months ago, I read the fan story of a parent who wanted to teach service to others to their child, and purchased a small gift to give to someone to brighten their day. I thought this was a great idea! So on a recent trip to visit my daughter and her family in Florida, I explained what I wanted to do. My grandson, Bryce, is 3 1/2, and I thought this was a great way to teach him to think of others and do something to make their Disney experience better. The very first stop we made was to a gift shop to make a small purchase. Then I explained to Bryce that the present was for him to give someone who looked like they weren’t having a good time.

Immediately after lunch, we encountered a family of five. Their youngest daughter was sobbing inconsolably! I told Bryce that it looked like she needed a Disney hug! He grabbed the small gift and we approached the family. I explained our plan, and asked if Bryce could give her a Disney “hug”. They enthusiastically said yes! The little girl was only a few years older than Bryce, so he went right over and gave her a big hug, then handed her his gift. Instant smiles all around!
It turned out that she was upset because she was too small to go on many of the rides her sisters could ride. I then noticed that she was wearing a birthday button! I said, “Is it your birthday?!” She said yes, and I said, “Look here, I’m wearing a birthday button too! Happy birthday!”, and gave her a big hug! The family thanked us, leaving with big smiles. I don’t think their smiles were as big as Bryce’s, though! That moment made our day perfect, and will always stay in our memories.

— Sharon, 60, Atwater, CA


Posted 4 years Ago
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