A little after midnight, the attractions had closed, and vendors were shutting down for the night I wandered in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle looking at the details. Fantasy Faire was empty, darkened for the night, and I noticed the sleeping cat. It was strange to be there seemingly alone.

I stopped and looked at the water for a bit, then all of a sudden I heard Snow White singing. “What on Earth?” I thought to myself.¬†I followed the sound of her voice, walking along the path, and to my surprise encountered … a real live wishing well! You’d think that, at my age, I’d have already encountered everything Disneyland has to offer. But there I was, 26 and laying eyes on Snow White’s Wishing Well for the first time. I was stunned.

I shed a few silent tears since my prince had yet to come, pulled a quarter out of my wallet, closed my eyes, and made a wish, only to hear Snow White sing again in the background.¬†Standing there all alone, with the Park quiet except for one Princess echoing my wish, reminded me that there would be no happy endings if it weren’t for the struggle it took to get there. That it takes understanding true loneliness to understand true love. I smiled, realizing that I was much closer to seeing my prince than it seemed.

Even grown-up princesses grab a coin, close their eyes, and make a wish. All our Princesses knew heartache; that’s just how you know your dreams are soon to come true.

Christina, 26, Danville, CA

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[Correction: This image was published with a photo of the wishing well in Walt Disney World. As our astute readers pointed out, the wishing wells in each park are unique, and so we have updated the photo to reflect the wishing well in Disneyland.]

Posted 4 years Ago
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