How Well Do You Know … Disney Buddies?


The dog days of summer are here, and there are no cuter dogs than the Disney Buddies. No wonder we’ve been eagerly awaiting their new adventure, “Super Buddies,” now available on Disney DVD and Blu-ray! To celebrate, see how much you know about these precocious pups with our cuddly canine trivia quiz.


1) The pups’ dad is Buddy; who is their mom?

A) Perdita

B) Fifi

C) Molly


2) In what town do the pups live?

A) Fernfield

B) Cloverdale

C) Golden Acres


3) Which of these is NOT a Buddy?

A) Rosebud

B) Buddha

C) Bernard


4) Which Buddies adventure features a villainous cat?

A) Air Buddies

B) Treasure Buddies

C) Snow Buddies


5) Who is the “space dog” the puppies meet in “Space Buddies”?

A) Astro

B) Spudnick

C) Sirius


6) Which Buddy often wears a red football shirt?

A) B-Dawg

B) Mudbud

C) Budderball


Scroll down to see how you did!







1) C – Perdita IS a mother, but her pups are Dalmatians, not golden retrievers!

2) A – The Buddy family lives in Fernfield.

3) C – Bernard is the mouse hero of “The Rescuers.”

4) B – The necklace of “Cleocatra” is the treasure in question when the Buddies visit cat-loving Egypt and encounter one very bad kitty.

5) B – The pooch’s name is a play on Sputnik, the first man-made Earth satellite.

6) C— Budderball’s two great loves in life are food and football.

Posted 4 years Ago
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