How Well Do You Know… Disney’s Robin Hood?

Robin Hood Naps

Robin Hood is turning 40 this year. To celebrate the anniversary it’s been rereleased as a Blu-ray combo pack – but we decided to join the celebration with a little tricky trivia. See what you can recall about the trickster hero and his many adventures!


1) Who narrates the movie?

A) Alan-a-Dale

B) Robin Hood, of course!

C) King Richard


2) Which character was voiced by the legendary Candy Candido?

A) The Sheriff of Nottingham

B) Little John

C) Captain Crocodile


3) Which Academy Award® nomination did Robin Hood earn?

A) Best Song

B) Best Adapted Screenplay

C) Special Oscar® for Achievement in Animation


4) In the film, Robin and Marian are foxes; what kind of critter is the Sheriff of Nottingham?

A) A bear

B) A wolf

C) A vulture


5) What is Robin’s disguise for the big archery tournament?

A) A tiger

B) A stork

C) A lady of the court


6) Phil Harris voiced Little John; what other Disney bear did he voice?

A) Baloo in The Jungle Book

B) Winnie the Pooh

C) Bongo in Fun and Fancy Free


Scroll down to see how you did!


1) A – Alan-a-Dale is a minstrel, so makes an appropriate choice to tell us Robin’s tale.

2) C – Candy was a Disney mainstay and also provided the voices for the Indian chief in Peter Pan, one of the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion attraction, and Fidget in The Great Mouse Detective, among many others.

3) A – Robin Hood received a Best Song nomination for the tune “Love.”

4) B – The Sheriff is a wolf, but the film does feature bear and vulture characters as well.

5) B – It’s easy to see why no one recognizes him! The skinny legs are supplied by stilts.

6) A – Phil had voiced Baloo on a few years before, in 1967, and was a shoo-in for the voice of Little John.

Posted 4 years Ago
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