How Well Do You Know … The Aristocats?

When it comes to this film, only one truth matters: everybody wants to be a cat. Show off your feline know-how with our The Aristocats challenge.


1) What is the name of the Aristocats’ loving owner?

A) Madame Fifi de la Ritz

B) Madame Adelaide Bonfamille

C) Mademoiselle Poils de Chat


2) And what was their owner’s former profession?

A) Opera diva

B) Fashion designer

C) Profession? Mon dieu! A lady does not have a profession!


3) Who provided the voice of the jazz-loving Scat Cat?

A) Louis Prima

B) Scatman Crothers

C) Phil Harris


4) Which character was voiced by Sterling Holloway, best known as the voice of Winnie the Pooh?

A) Lafayette the Hound

B) Billy Bass

C) Roquefort the Mouse


5) Where is Edgar sent at the end of the film?

A) Timbuktu

B) Hollywood

C) The top of the Eiffel Tower


6) Who sings “The Aristocats” over the opening titles?

A) Scatman Crothers

B) Maurice Chevalier

C) Eva Gabor


Scroll down to see how you did!












1) B — Her name means “good family” and it certainly suit her; although so would Poils de Chat (Cat Hair)!

2) A — No wonder the kittens are so musically inclined.

3) B — Scat Cat comes by his chops honestly; Scatman Crothers was a renowned jazz musician as well as an actor.

4) C — Holloway was a Disney mainstay. He can also be heard in The Jungle Book, The Three Caballeros, and many others.

5) A — The villain intends to send the cats off to that remote city in Mali, but his plan backfires.

6) B — The French crooner was convinced to leave retirement to perform the song. His vocals give the opening that perfect touch of Parisian charm.

Posted 4 years Ago
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