A Magical Day at the Magic Kingdom

We recently took our two kids and my parents to Walt Disney World to celebrate my mom’s retirement after being a New York City schoolteacher for 43 years! We had our dining reservations planned but we weren’t planning on Cinderella’s Royal Table this trip. Two weeks before our trip we were told by cousins who had just returned from Disney that we could not miss Cinderella’s Royal Table. So I began frantically calling every day, some times three times or more, with no luck. I was told people plan their whole trip around this kind of reservation. I was pretty bummed.The morning of our visit to Magic Kingdom we ate on the way to the park. After we arrived we headed straight for Fantasyland. My four-year-old daughter was dressed up as Cinderella and I decided to stop by Cinderella’s Royal Table to see if any tables had become available. I spoke with Tom, the dining manager, who said they had room for breakfast but that they were booked solid for the rest of the day. He then took one look at my daughter and began speaking to her like she was Cinderella, saying how beautiful she looked and her hair was done so nicely. I explained my dilemma, that we had just eaten, and he just smiled at my daughter and said, “We will see you at 1:00 for lunch, Cinderella!”

I couldn’t believe it. We arrived back at 1:00 and the cast members there did not see our name on the list for a table. My heart sank. Then magically Tom appeared and said, “Cinderella, your table awaits you.” My daughter was so excited. The smile on her face brought tears to my eyes. The magic did not stop here.

Later that evening we got a Fast Pass to see the Princesses in Town Square Theatre. I guess I overlooked that Belle, my two-year-old son’s favorite princess, was no longer doing autographs at Magic Kingdom. He had fallen asleep and we woke him when we got to the front of the line. As soon as we entered his first words were “Where’s Belle?” I felt so bad. He continued to ask as we exited into the shop, where cast members overheard him. They asked to see his autograph book that we hand made using stickers of each of the characters. That cast member asked if she could borrow our books. She was gone for quite a bit and when she returned she had gotten Belle and Beast’s autographs for each of my kids. She told my kids she had gone all the way up to Belle in Fantasyland and asked her to sign these amazing autograph books. Both of my kids were so excited to have their autographs. It was a perfect end to a magical day!

— Michelle, 36, Somers, NY

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Posted 4 years Ago
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