The Art of Indiana Jones

During the week of the grand opening of the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Park, I was visiting the art gallery, located at that time above the Pirates of the Caribbean. I was looking at an original Art of The Lion King Cast (which was priced at more than $12,000).

A nice gentleman came up and we started talking about how every character was just as it appeared in the movie. He said his name was Eric, and we wandered around the gallery together. He seemed so knowledgeable about everything.

Eric mentioned that they were selling a limited edition of prints for the work I admired. Well, that was more my speed! I had to have one.  Then while I was paying for my print the nice lady said they were selling limited-edition lithographs of Indiana Jones Adventure concept art, only available during the first week of opening… of course, I had to have one! She told me I could wait over by the table Eric was sitting at, along with another gentleman he introduced as Chuck.

The nice lady brought the two pieces over to the table and each of the gentlemen opened one up and started writing on my art work. I thought they were ruining my pictures!

WELL, most collectors know what it means when a person starts writing on that type of art, but if you don’t know, THEY WERE THE ARTISTS!  They both double-signed them for me — what a treat.

— Eugene, 69, Mission Viejo, CA

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Posted 4 years Ago
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