Stranger in a Not-So-Strange Land

Beginning with family trips as a child to my wife and I now taking our son, Disney World and Disneyland have been a part of my life since the early ’70s. I’d estimate that I’ve “Walked down the middle of Main Street, USA” a few hundred times. One constant through all of the visits though is that I always have family members with me.

That all changed recently on a business trip to China. Prior to my departure, my wife and son suggested that I visit Hong Kong Disneyland. After quite a bit of hesitation, I decided I would. So after checking in at the Disneyland Hotel, I headed toward the park.

I was prepared to feel completely out of place and somewhat isolated, to be honest. But let me tell you how quickly that changed. As I turned the corner approaching the ticket center, everything became familiar. There in the distance was the Disneyland Railroad train station that I’d seen so many times. Even though this was my first visit, I felt as though I was returning to that familiar place I’d visited so many times since childhood.

I could go on an on about the fantastic staff at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, the friendly cast members I met at the park, the rides, and the food — but those weren’t the best part for me. It was the fact that even though I was 8,000 miles away from my family, Hong Kong Disneyland made me feel like I was home.

— John, 46, Cedar Park, TX

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Posted 4 years Ago
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