How Well Do You Know… The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Boys and girls of every age … wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Of course you would! Let’s see how much you remember from that strangest and most enchanting of movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas.


1) Which of these is not one of Oogie’s trick-or-treaters?
A) Lock
B) Shock
C) Spock
D) Barrel


2) Who do the trick-or-treaters mistakenly kidnap?
A) The Easter Bunny
B) Uncle Sam
C) Cupid


3) Which of these gifts does Santa Jack NOT deliver?
A) A vicious duck decoy
B) A carnivorous Christmas wreath
C) A monstrous nutcracker


4) When Santa asks Oogie “What are you going to do?”, what is the reply?
A) That hoo doo that I do so well
B) I’m going to do the best I can
C) I’m going to doo be doo be do


5) What does the Mayor of Halloween Town wear as a tie pin?
A) A spider
B) A bat
C) A skull


6) What does Oogie Boogie roll on the dice that upsets him?
A) 13
B) Snake Eyes
C) Boxcar
7) What does the Halloween Town sax player call Jack?
A) Bone Daddy
B) Pumpkin Dude
C) Creepy Cat


8) What does Sally put in the mad doctor’s soup to make him sleep?
A) Graveyard dust
B) Frog’s breath
C) Deadly nightshade


9) In “This Is Halloween,” which lyric references Oogie Boogie?
A) The thing lurking under your bed
B) The shadow on the moon at night
C) The wind running through your hair


10) Who provided Jack’s singing voice?
A) Chris Sarandon
B) Tim Burton
C) Danny Elfman
11) According to Jack’s song, where is he known?
A) Throughout England and France
B) In Kentucky
C) In every city and every nation
12) What shape is Zero’s tombstone?
A) A pumpkin
B) A bone
C) A doghouse
13) What Christmas gift does Santa give the denizens of Halloween Town?
A) Candy
B) A Christmas tree
C) Snow


Scroll down to see how you did!


Nightmare Before Christmas trees













1) C – The terrible trio are Lock, Shock, and Barrel.
2) A – Jack must apologize and return the hare to his rightful holiday.
3) C – We especially love the monster wreath.
4) B – Fortunately, Oogie’s best is no match for Jack, Sally, and Santa Claus.
5) A – Accessory or pet? It’s both!
6) B – Snake Eyes is an unlucky throw — and Oogie is about to get VERY unlucky.
7) A – Even in Halloween Town, jazz musicians have hip lingo.
8) C — There’s frog’s breath in there too — but it’s the deadly nightshade that knocks him out.
9) B — We see a shadow on the moon that looks frightfully familiar.
10) C — Chris Sarandon voiced Jack’s dialogue, but composer Danny Elfman sang for him.
11) A — Did you have to hum the song to remember this lyric?
12) C — Zero’s resting place is perfect for a pup.
13) C – Jack and Sally get to share a white Christmas.


How did you do? If you’re feeling quite clever, test your mettle against some of our other Disney Insider Trivia as well!

Posted 5 years Ago
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