Kindness Isn’t Just for Cast Members!

I always knew that cast members were truly magical in their actions and personalities. However, one of my best Disney experiences proves that the great attitudes exuded by cast members affect everyone in the parks.

While standing in line for a Tusker House breakfast I decided to slide off to the side so that my almost three-year-old daughter could get a better view of Donald Duck. This was her third time to Walt Disney World but it was only recently that she was able to recite the names of the characters. When we got over to the side she pointed and said her version of “Donald” in such a cute voice. I bent down so that I could get a better hold on her in order to keep her from charging toward Donald and the other families getting their pictures. My daughter, being that young, just could not understand why she was not allowed to see Donald. She starting crying and reaching out for him. My heart sank, and I felt mortified! I knew that she was creating a spectacle and I probably would not be able to bring her back from the edge, which could end up ruining the day for the rest of my children. It was then that I noticed there were three or four families waving us to the front! They could see the confusion and distress in my daughter’s eyes as I held her back, so they all let us go in front and cheered my daughter on when she finally made it to Donald and gave him a hug.

You don’t see that type of consideration just any place. It is only in Walt Disney World that people walk a little lighter, think a little happier, and act with their hearts. For me, it all starts with that very first cast member I meet. Welcome home!

— Greg, 39 Phenix City, AL

Have you experienced the kindness of Disney Guests or Cast Members? Tell us all about it!

Posted 4 years Ago
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