When our kids were little, going to Disneyland was an all-day affair. There was a five-year difference between our three older children and our two younger children.

On one particular visit I was pregnant with our sixth child. We had eaten a late dinner in Frontierland, finishing around 9 p.m. Our three older girls were still excited about riding rides, but my younger two were falling asleep. I told my husband to go have fun with the girls and I would take the younger two out to the car and dress them for bed.

While the rest of my family took off to have more fun in the park, I pushed the younger 2 in their double stroller out to the exit gate. I laid the seat backs down so they had a small bed in which to lie down. They were sound asleep before we got very far, all arms and legs going in all different directions. I passed a man that nudged his wife and grinned. Pointing to the stroller and my kids, he said.. “See Honey, it is possible to have too much fun!”. I laughed and we all agreed we were at the best place to do that.

— Pauline, 59, Walnut, CA

Have you ever had too much Disney fun? Tell us all about it!

Posted 4 years Ago
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