Dressing Disney’s VIPs for Halloween

Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween – and Mickey and pals are no exception. They turn out every autumn in fancy dress at Disneyland Park to mingle with Guests and celebrate fall fun.

We at the Insider wondered what it’s like to create Halloween costumes for some of the world’s most famous Characters, so we turned to Rebecca Carroll-Mulligan for answers. Rebecca works with the costumer team at Disneyland Park and Halloween is one of their favorite seasons.

Disneyland Characters have been donning Halloween costumes since the ‘90s – it’s all part of the seasonal transformation that sweeps over the Park every fall. But with the advent of special Halloween parties at the Disney Parks, the costumers’ job got much bigger. After all, no one wants to go to a party in their everyday attire, and Mickey and Minnie are no exception! They have three costumes each for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland, on top of their “regular” Halloween costumes.

Rebecca says that dressing Disney’s Characters is “the same as designing costumes for any of our performers! All of our VIPs have relatively extensive closets. We have their measurements and do fittings and tailor them just like any performer.” The costumers are sure to make Characters look festive and fall-like, but never scary to even the youngest Guests – Rebecca’s own favorites are Mickey and Minnie’s purple-and-orange witch and wizard get-ups. “They’re just very fun and reminiscent of something witchy and magical. It’s very Halloweeny without being scary or gory.”

Adding a new costume to the repertoire takes about 12 weeks from design to completion – but even seasonal costumes that have appeared previous years need to be spruced up, and there are four to six weeks of rehearsals for the performers to get used to the costumes and to the holiday routines.

The result of all that hard work is an extra layer of magic at Disneyland Park over Halloween, and then again over the holidays.

Posted 4 years Ago
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