How Well Do You Know… The Black Cauldron?

Although somewhat overlooked at the time of its release in 1985, The Black Cauldron has found legions of fans over the decades. Are you one of them? See how much you know about Disney’s animated fantasy epic!


1) Who is the fearsome villain in the film?

A) The Dark Lord

B) The Horned King

C) Hen Wen


2) What is Fflewdur Fflam’s profession?

A) Warrior

B) Magician

C) Bard


3) Taran is an assistant pig keeper – who does he keep?

A) Hen Wen

B) Gurgi

C) Is this a trick question? A bunch of pigs, of course!


4) Which composer created the music for the film?

A) Elmer Bernstein

B) Richard Sherman

C) Alan Menken


5) Where does Taran live?

A) The Marshes of Morva

B) Caer Dallben

C) Camelot


6) Who narrated the film?

A) John Hurt

B) John Ritter

C) John Huston


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1) B – The Horned King is a terrifying opponent, wearing a skull mask surmounted by stag’s horns.

2) C – He may not be very good at it, but Fflewdur Fflam is a wandering musician and storyteller, aka a bard.

3) A – Hen Wen is a pig with a difference, since she can tell the future!

4) A – Bernstein was one of Hollywood’s legendary great composers – he also wrote the score to The Magnificent Seven and The Ten Commandments, among dozens of others.

5) B – Caer Dallben is the farm where Taran lives.

6) C – But all three Johns have a Disney connection! John Hurt was the voice of the Horned King, and John Ritter worked on the Disney lot filming the ABC sitcom “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.”

Posted 4 years Ago
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