Tinker Bell Pins and Pixie Dust

On my first visit to Disney World, I instantly latched on to pin trading. My main focus was on Tinker Bell pins. I had tons and would buy the cheap packs to trade with cast members.

When we visited the Magic Kingdom for the second time, I saw a cast member with a lanyard and quickly approached her. We ended up chatting about our favorite Disney characters and I told her about my fondness for my favorite pixie. She reached into her pocket and took out two small cards. Pinned to each was a limited-edition Tinker Bell pin. She gave me both and told me that I was to keep one and give one away. Later that day, I saw a small family wearing “First Visit” buttons. I walked over to their small daughter (I was ten at the time and she was probably five) and told the family about pin trading and the rare pin I had received. I gave them my lanyard along with the Tink pin and told her not to trade it but to build her collection.

I will always remember the ecstatic look on her face as she looked at the sparkly pin. Ever since then, I try to do “random acts of Disney” when I visit the Parks. It’s just another way of spreading the magic that even the common guest can do.

— Kylie, 16, Mountain Home, ID

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Posted 4 years Ago
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