How Well Do You Know … Monsters Inc.?

Do you know your way around the Scare Floor?


1) What is the name of the swank restaurant where Mike takes Celia?

A) Harryhausen’s

B) Le Shriek

C) Chez Lasseter


2) Billy Crystal won an Oscar® for Best Original Song with “If I Didn’t Have You.” It was his _____ statuette.

A) Fourth

B) Second

C) First


3) What does CDA stand for?

A) Creature Debate Association

B) Crunchy Dessert Automat

C) Child Detection Agency


4) Who provided the voice for Mr. Waternoose?

A) Paul Newman

B) James Coburn

C) John Ratzenberger


5) Who is Randall’s assistant?

A) Jeff Fungus

B) Creepy Carla

C) Sam Slither


6) What’s the motto of Monsters Inc.?

A) Where screams make dreams come true

B) Keeping Monsteropolis monstrous

C) We scare because we care


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1) A –The restaurant’s name is a nod to Ray Harryhausen, the stop-motion animation wizard.

2) C – Crystal had received a whopping 15 prior nominations, but this was his first Academy Award® win.

3) C – The Child Detection Agency springs into action whenever monsters are endangered by those deadly creatures, human children!

4) B – The big boss at Monsters Inc. was Coburn’s final role.

5) A – He’s not always happy about it, but Jeff Fungus is Randall’s right-hand man.

6) C – A little rhyme always makes for a catchy slogan!

Posted 4 years Ago
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