How Well Do You Know… Pete’s Dragon?

Pete’s Dragon was released November 3, 1977. In honor of the movie’s recent 35th anniversary, let’s see how well you remember the adventures of Pete and Elliott!

1) What is the name of the town where Pete finds a home?

A) Quassamapoddy

B) Passamashloddy

C) Passamaquoddy


2) Which of these is not one of Pete’s Gogan “brothers”?

A) Lampie

B) Willie

C) Grover


3) According to Pete, Elliott has the ears of a …

A) Donkey

B) Cow

C) Llama


4) Why do the Gogans feel entitled to keep Pete?

A) His mother left him with them

B) They have a bill of sale

C) He owes them money


5) What is Nora’s job?

A) Nanny

B) Librarian

C) Lighthouse keeper


6) How does Elliott save the day?

A) He relights the lighthouse lamp

B) He scares away Dr. Terminus by giving him a hotfoot

C) He finds a hidden treasure that pays off Lampie’s debts


Scroll down to see how you did!











1) C – Doctor Terminus is sorely confused and tries all these names, but Passamaquoddy is the right one.

2) A – Lampie is Nora’s father.

3) B – Elliott does kind of have cow ears, but we think he’s cute anyway!

4) B – They sing about their bill of sale from purchasing Pete.

5) C – Talk about a cool career.

6) A – Being a fire-breathing dragon really comes in handy.

Posted 4 years Ago
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