Today is a very special day for The Walt Disney Company, as it marks the anniversary of the first appearance of Mickey Mouse on November 18th, 1928. On that day, audiences saw the first ever Mickey Mouse short film, Steamboat Willie. In it, Walt Disney’s now-famous star was a completely unknown character, but his charming smile and his mischevious wit immediately endeared him to audiences.

Celebrate Mickey’s birthday by watching the short that made Mickey the mouse he is today:


But wait, there is another reason to get excited about today! In addition to it being a day to celebrate Mickey’s past, it’s also an opportunity to look into his future, and what a promising future it is.

On November 27th, fans will be able to watch a brand new original Mickey Mouse short film on the big screen, when the new Walt Disney Animation Studios short film Get a Horse! opens in front of 3D showings of Disney’s Frozen. Featuring the voice of Walt Disney himself, Get a Horse! combines the classic “rubber hose” look of 1920s Disney shorts like Steamboat Willie with an exciting new modern innovation that you have to see to believe. Watch the first minute of the new short, and then take a look at the additional preview image for a hint as to what is in store for Mickey, Minnie, and their friends Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow.


We don’t want to ruin the surprise, so check back at Disney Insider after you’ve seen Get a Horse! playing in front of Frozen on November 27 for more about this exciting new Mickey Mouse short, including exclusive insights from director Lauren MacMullan and producer Dorothy McKim.


Posted 4 years Ago
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