Red Carpet Moments from the Saving Mr. Banks Premiere

Saving Mr. Banks held its United States premiere this week on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, California. This location also served two other important roles in the context of this film: it’s where scenes from the movie were shot, and it’s the lot on which Walt worked when Mary Poppins was first brought to the screen. We were on hand to capture the scene and hear the film’s cast and crew share their feelings and memories.


They all had grand things to say, so we compiled our favorite thoughts from the evening:


“I was seven pages into [the script] and I said, ‘Okay I’ll do it.’” – Tom Hanks, playing Walt Disney


“I was and am [a fan of Mary Poppins]. But I was aware even as a child that the books and the film were two very different things, two different kinds of art. I think of Mary Poppins as a kind of subatomic character, someone who can survive adaptation into different forms.” – Emma Thompson, playing P.L. Travers


“The scene that was the most fun to shoot was at Disneyland. I’m taken back to being there on Main St. USA before the park opened and going, ‘This is pretty darn cool.’” – Director John Lee Hancock


“I’ve watched [Mary Poppins] heaps of times. My favorite part is probably the Spoonful of Sugar song. It’s upbeat and jumpy.” – Annie Rose Buckley, playing Ginty


“I read all the books when I was a little girl. We used to play Mary Poppins. When I was a little girl, my sisters and I used to play Mary Poppins and my oldest sister always got to be Mary Poppins. And that wasn’t fair!” – Kathy Baker, playing Tommie


“You never know anybody’s story. They may be hard on the exterior. But there was a reason that P.L. Travers was the way she was. So never judge a book by its cover.” – Melanie Paxson, playing Dolly, on what she wants people to take from the film


“There were many things that surprised me, but the most surprising was that Walt and P.L. had a very similar childhood. They clashed a lot, but they were really cut from the same cloth.” – Writer Kelly Marcel


“What I like about her is her complexity as a person. She’s a strong-willed, formidable, and funny.” – Producer Ian Collie on P.L. Travers


For more, check out our gallery of premiere photos (featuring the familiar faces of Mary Poppins stars Karen Dotrice, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke):


You can also click through for a special video of what happened just before the cast and crew headed inside for a screening.


Saving Mr. Banks comes to select theaters tomorrow and is in theaters everywhere on December 20. Visit the site for showtimes, videos, and more.

Posted 4 years Ago
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