Walt Disney Animation Studios Celebrates 90 Years

Dozens of Disney legends, filmmakers, artists, voice talent—and hosts Bob Iger, John Lasseter, Alan Horn, and Ed Catmull—gathered on December 10 to celebrate 90 years of Walt Disney Animation. The cocktail reception was held in Legends Plaza on the Walt Disney Studios lot, directly in front of the original animation building.

“Animation really has been the heart and the soul of this company,” reminded Iger, “and I believe that it always will be and always should be.” He went on to acknowledge the many talented people who have brought decades of Disney animation to life—most recently the November 27th release, Frozen. “Frozen would not have been possible without the unbelievable creativity that John inspired and the leadership that John and Ed bring to animation,” he said, and then brought Lasseter on stage to take the mic.

Lasseter discussed the importance of animation and what drives current animators to choose their line of work. He then recalled something the late Steve Jobs once said to him about how animation was so different than the technology Apple was creating: “If you do your job right with these films, they can last forever.”

Lasseter continued, adding his own thoughts on the subject. “That is the special magic of Disney animation,” he said, “and I am so incredibly proud to lead the current artists in making these films that have Walt Disney’s name on them.”

For more from the event, browse through our gallery of photos and see how many Disney legends you can spot:


Posted 6 years Ago
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