Walt Disney World Castle

In September of 2012 I celebrated my 62nd birthday and decided that Walt Disney World was the best place to celebrate. Our daughter, Amanda, hadn’t been to the park in about 18 years.

The first stop was supposed to be Indiana Jones so Amanda could get her Indy hat. (Her dad wouldn’t let her steal his! ) By mistake we got off at the Magic Kingdom. As we were checking out all the Halloween decorations and trying to figure what to do next, I said to my daughter, “Look!” She was too busy messing with her camera to look up. I said it again and she still didn’t look up. I finally took her head and raised it. There stood the castle in all its glory! For about 10 seconds she didn’t say a word. Then she turned to me and said, “We are really here!!!” and hugged me.

We were told by a nice Cast Member that when you are in Walt Disney World you add the numbers in your age together and that is how old you are while in the park. So we two 8 year olds had a blast. And yes she not only got her Indy hat, but got to be in the show. I have to say that was probbaly the best birthday I ever celebrated.

Tell us about your own magical Disney memories — you’re never too young or to old for Disney!

Posted 4 years Ago
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