Disney Animated Named Best iPad App of 2013

Disney Animated, the app that brings the animators’ desks to your iPad, has officially been named Best iPad App of 2013. The app was selected out of 100,000 iPad apps that launched in the App Store during this calendar year, and the honor marks the first time Disney has been awarded this particular commendation.

The app allows users to see how Disney animated films are brought to life. It also recently got an update to coincide with the 53rd Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film Frozen. The app now lets you discover the art and inspiration behind the Kingdom of Arendelle, learn how animators incorporate personality into costumes, and explore techniques used to develop humorous characters through art and animation.
Disney Animated Frozen Update 4
Disney Animated Frozen Update 5


The update also provides exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Frozen’s concept art, character sketches, test animation, scenes from the film, and a new background in the Elsa’s Snow animation workshop.
Disney Animated Frozen Update 10
Disney Animated Frozen Update 1


For more on how Disney Animated came to be, you can read our article about how it puts Disney animation at your fingertips. And, if you haven’t already, you can download the app for your iPad today.


Posted 3 years Ago
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