How Well Do You Know… The Santa Clause?

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Since its debut in 1994, The Santa Clause has become a modern holiday classic. How much do you know about the holiday adventures and misadventures of Scott Calvin?

1) What company manufactured Santa’s ladder?

A) Candycane Industries

B) Rose Suchak Ladder Co.

C) Mistletoe, Inc.


2) What toy does Scott deliver to Neil, his son’s stepfather?

A) A fire truck

B) Lincoln Logs

C) A Weenie Whistle


3) What is Scott Calvin’s job at the beginning of the film?

A) Banker

B) Toy company executive

C) Accountant


4) What is Scott’s son’s name?

A) Charlie

B) Josh

C) Eric


5) What magic gadget lets Scott’s son call him from the North Pole?

A) Glockenspiel

B) Snow globe

C) Candy cane


6) On which holiday does Scott decide to accept his destiny as Santa?

A) Christmas

B) Thanksgiving

C) Halloween


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1) B – It’s “A Rose Suchak Ladder,” of course!

2) C – Neil had always wanted an Oscar Mayer Weenie Whistle as a child, and Santa is all about making dreams come true.

3) B – You’d think he’d have more holiday spirit.

4) A – If you guessed C, you were close — he’s played by Eric Lloyd.

5) B – Charlie gets a snow globe so he can stay in touch with Santa – aka his dad.

6) B – Scott is so touched by his son’s faith in him at their Thanksgiving table that he finally embraces his transformation.

Posted 4 years Ago
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