Get Ready For the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

The 30th Annual Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade is inching closer by the minute. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris at Walt Disney World and Nick Cannon at Disneyland, it’s a holiday event not to be missed. To help you learn a little more and ready for all the good cheer, we chatted with Carter Schultz, a producer for the Parade:

Disney Insider: How long does it take to prepare for these parades?
Carter: Preparing for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade is a year-round process. From Host and performer selections to set designs, from costuming and choreography (with 500+ dancers) to hand-selecting a Marching Band… the planning and production of a television show on this scale often takes a year or more to prepare.
What’s your favorite thing about putting on the Parks Christmas Day Parade?
Each year I am constantly amazed at the partnership and teamwork that it takes to create a television show like this. There are so many moving parts – and each person involved has an important role (or two!) to play. It is a wonderful collaborative team effort to make it all come together, and being a part of the creation of this family holiday tradition is something truly magical.
This year is the 30th annual event. What do you think is the biggest learning from the last 29 years?
We strive every year to raise the bar with the show. Each year we challenge ourselves to make the show even more rich and entertaining, because that, of course, is at the core of what our company does. Although each year has something special, this year we feel we’ve topped them all! For the first time ever, we have an original opening number, performed by Neil Patrick Harris, our show’s host from Walt Disney World Resort. This performance is high-energy and is filled to the brim with Disney Characters, friends and other surprises, and is just something special our viewers and fans will not want to miss!
What’s your favorite parade memory?
For me, it’s being at home on Christmas morning, and tuning in to watch the show together with my family.


Now that you’ve heard about the event, watch this teaser video:


Take a quick look behind the scenes at the preparations:


And flip through our photo gallery  to get a peek at the magic before it comes to your television screen on December 25 at 10am EST/9am PST on ABC:

Will you be watching?

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