Two decades ago, I bought a Winnie the Pooh backpack in Disneyland. He is a rare Pooh because he faces the front, peeping over my shoulder. I fell in love with him immediately!

I took my Pooh back home to Memphis, and he began a wonderous life. We have travelled to Disneyland four more times and we have been to Walt Disney World eight times. He has travelled with me to England to see the Princess, and he has visited more than 40 states. When we went to Walt Disney World in May, he reached a milestone – my Pooh has travelled one million miles! As we walked around Walt Disney World yet again, many children, and some adults, exclaimed and pointed to Pooh (it’s alway fun to walk around with a little Pooh on your back!).

So, at Walt Disney World this summer, should you see a little Pooh peeping over someone’s shoulder at you, stop to say “Hi” to a very well travelled Pooh!

Do you have a Disney Parks tradition? Tell us all about it!

Posted 4 years Ago
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