Disney Magic Brings Broadway to Sea

Disney Magic - Walt Disney Theatre

The attention to detail aboard the re-imagined Disney Magic is staggering; from the massive golden Atrium to the spectacular visual showcase in Animator’s Palate, there is Disney pixie dust sprinkled over every aspect of this glittering, relaunched cruise ship.

One place that really shines is the Walt Disney Theatre, a full-sized 977-seat theatre onboard the ship that hosts captivating performances from the Disney Magic cast each night. Each of the Disney Magic’s shows plays twice a night, and, most impressively, cast members typically play multiple roles in each musical. Each actor is a chameleon, shifting characters with ease.

Whether you’re off to soak up the sun in the Bahamas or wine tasting in the Mediterranean, here are a few of the Broadway-style live shows you’ll be treated to throughout your stay:


Disney Magic - Twice Charmed
Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story

Cinderella is one of Disney’s classic animated films. Everyone knows the story: girl meets boy after a transformative spell, girl leaves boy at the ball, girl fits the glass slipper and defeats her wicked stepmother and sisters. But what if Cinderella never found her prince? Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story gives her stepmother and stepsisters another chance at their own happiness, in the form of a nasty Fairy Godfather named Franco. The story we love and cherish is turned upside down as Cinderella and the Prince struggle to find each other without the aid of a dainty glass slipper. With enchanting new songs and particularly charming performances from Cinderella’s bickering evil stepsisters, Twice Charmed reminds Cinderella — and her faithful fans — that true love doesn’t need a fancy ball gown.


Disney Magic - Villains Tonight!
Villains Tonight!

When you watch a Disney animated classic, one thing is certain: all the princes, princesses, mermaids, and street rats will eventually find their happily ever afters. But for every dream come true there’s a dream destroyed — a villain’s dream. In Villains Tonight!, some of your favorite nefarious nemeses gather together to help Hades prove to the three Fates he can still rule the Underworld with an iron fist. Trouble is, the Underworld is full of pop culture gags and jazzy dance numbers in the wake of Hades’ defeat. He sends his flunkies Pain and Panic to recruit other Disney baddies like Maleficent, Scar, Cruella De Vil, and Yzma to help him get his evil mojo back. With updated versions of songs like “Be Prepared” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” Villains Tonight! is a playful, mischievous romp that will have you rooting for the bad guys before long.


Disney Dreams
Disney Dreams — An Enchanted Classic

This award-winning musical asks its audience to do one simple thing: believe. From Peter Pan and Pinocchio to Cinderella and Aladdin, Disney’s famous characters all learn to dream, and to believe in themselves. Disney Dreams takes one precocious little girl, Anne Marie, and teaches her to believe in her own magic. After a visit from the Blue Fairy and Peter Pan, Anne Marie experiences the stories of her own heroes inside her very own bedroom, complete with breathtaking renditions of inspirational songs. With dazzling laser effects and pyrotechnics, and no shortage of London fog rolling off of the stage, Disney Dreams is an utterly spectacular showcase of the movies we hold most dear. Anne Marie’s journey will show you how to believe in your own magic, and to never, ever grow up.


As a bonus, the Disney Magic also invites variety performers onto the ship for limited engagements. From cruise to cruise, the entertainment performers are always new and changing aboard the ship. Disney Cruise Line is host to a wide variety of performers from magicians and comedians to hypnotists and other family-friend variety acts.

While The Insider was aboard, we were treated to a wonderful performer, Max Winfrey:


Disney Magic - Walt Disney Theatre
The Physical Comedy of Max Winfrey

Max WinfreyMax Winfrey gave the Disney cast a mid-voyage break with his juggling act. Part magician, part juggler, part slapstick klutz, Winfrey’s self-deprecating humor made for family-friendly fun. Amidst juggling tennis rackets, bowling pins, and even a bowling ball, Winfrey pulled in members of the audience to assist on stage. Be prepared: should you find yourself at one of his next show’s, he could pluck you out of the audience to toss various objects of growing size at him, or he may just poke a little fun and send you on your way. As a finalist on America’s Got Talent, Winfrey is no stranger to challenging scenarios, but just wait until you watch him try to juggle on a moving ship.


Find our more about the entertainment aboard the newly re-imagined Disney Magic on their official website. And if you’ve had the chance to enjoy a Disney Cruise, let us know what your favorite show was in the comments below.

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