How Well Do You Know… 101 Dalmatians?

53 years ago, the world was introduced to a dastardly villainess, a plethora of adorable puppies, and the catchiest song imaginable. While we bet you can sing “Cruella De Vil” at the drop of a hat, how much do you really remember about 101 Dalmatians? Our trivia quiz will put you on the spot.


1) What kind of animal is the Captain?
A) A dog
B) A horse
C) A cat

2) How many puppies do Pongo and Perdita have?
A) Four
B) 15
C) What is this, a trick question? 101!

3) Who’s the canine hero the pups like to watch on TV?
A) Thunderbolt
B) Rin Tin Tin
C) Blaze

4) What is Roger’s profession?
A) Advertising man
B) Veterinarian
C) Songwriter

5) How does Cruella know Anita?
A) Anita’s her employee
B) They went to school together
C) They’re cousins

6) What color are the female Dalmatians’ collars?
A) Pink
B) Blue
C) All different colors


Scroll down for answers


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1) B – Captain is a horse, who works with the Colonel and Sergeant Tibbs (a dog and cat respectively) to help the dognapped puppies.
2) B – Although Pongo and Perdita end up living with 99 adorable pups (the happy couple themselves are Dalmatians nos. 100 and 101), they start out with 15 of their own.
3) A – The puppies prove that watching TV can teach valuable life skills – like escaping bad guys.
4) C – No wonder he can belt out “Cruella De Vil” with aplomb!
5) B – We bet Cruella was a piece of work even in her school days.
6) B – You can tell the girl pups and boy pups at a glance; the boys wear red and the girls wear blue.

Posted 8 years Ago
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