Leave a Legacy, Leave a Kiss

My husband and I moved to Orlando in December 2000. To mark the beginning of our new life in Florida, we purchased a Leave A Legacy tile at Epcot. Our tile happens to be placed right at the front of the plaza and faces the entrance to the Park. It became our tradition that when we entered the Park, we would stop at our tile and each kiss our finger tip and put it on the other person’s face on the tile.

We have moved away and back since we started this tradition and one of my first visits back to Epcot was during the Mickey’s Royal Family 5k in February 2013. The course went through Epcot and passed right in front of the Leave A Legacy Plaza. As I ran by, I couldn’t resist, so I strayed from the designated course very slightly, enough to stop and place a kiss on my husband”s half of the tile. The tile has seen a lot of kisses in the 13 years we have been visiting, with many more to come in the future.

Jennifer, 42, Lake Mary, FL

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Posted 4 years Ago
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