How Well Do You Know… Sleeping Beauty?

Were you paying attention when you watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, or did it catch you napping? See how much you recall about Aurora and her world.


1) Which fairy wears blue?

A) Flora

B) Fauna

C) Merryweather


2) What exactly is Maleficent?

A) An evil fairy

B) A witch

C) A genie


3) Who is Aurora’s father?

A) King Stefan

B) King Hubert

C) We never know his name


4) Helene Stanley was the live-action model for Aurora – which other Disney Character was she the model for?

A) Snow White

B) Tinker Bell

C) Cinderella


5) At which Disney Park will you find Sleeping Beauty Castle?

A) Disneyland Park

B) The Magic Kingdom Park

C) Tokyo Disneyland Park


6) What is the name of Prince Phillip’s horse?

A) Maximus

B) Samson

C) Rex


Scroll down to see how you did!










1) C – It’s easy to remember which fairy is which – Flora wears pink like a flower, Fauna wears green, and Merryweather’s outfit is as blue as a summer sky.

2) A – Maleficent is a fairy – just a really scary one!

3) A – Stefan is Aurora’s father, and Hubert is Phillip’s.

4) C – Helene served as an animators’ reference for two iconic Princesses – not too shabby!

5) A – Sleeping Beauty Castle graces Walt’s first Park – and even includes a walk-through exhibit about the film.

6) B – Phillip’s handsome steed DOES have a very luxurious mane.

Posted 8 years Ago
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