A Mermaid Finds Her Prince

I’ve been obsessed with the Little Mermaid since I was a baby. I even have a walk-in closet filled of my collections, and an Ariel tattoo!

I always dreamt of meeting my prince Eric with dark hair and pretty eyes… And at 17 that dream came true. I met Eric, and we fell in love. My father who looks like (and has the temper of) King Triton wasn’t happy, but we were married at 20 while Eric was serving in the United States Marine Corps, as he still is.

Unfortunately, we eloped at City Hall and I had no dream wedding (but he was in uniform, so it kind of fit the movie). We plan on taking a vacation with our two kids to Disney in a few years to renew our vows, which we hope to do at the new Eric’s Castle attraction. Fairy tales can come true in the strangest ways!

– Elisabeth, 23, Salem, MA


Have you experienced a fairy tale romance with a Disney connection? Let us know your love story!

Posted 4 years Ago
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