All things love are in the air today, and the Disney Interactive offices are no exception. We wanted to wish all our readers (past, present, and future) a Happy Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, artistic ability isn’t our forte. Fortunately, Disney Interactive has some exceptionally talented artists and designers. So, here are a few valentines made by the aforementioned impressive artists. We hope they brighten your Valentine’s Day as much as they brightened ours:
Slinky Valentine
(Art by Michael Bourne)


Mickey Valentine
(Art by Randi Cheung)


Dug Valentine
(Art by Ricky Taylor)


Paperman Valentine(Art by Gabby Zapata)


Robin Hood Valentine(Art by Gina McClurg)


C3PO Valentine
(Art by Josh Benedikt)


Eeyore Valentine(Art by Chanelle Fitzgerald)


Jack Skellington Valentine(Art by Erick Calderon)


Evil Queen Valentine(Art by Frank Svengsouk)


Goofy Valentine(Art by Carlo Zafranco)

Posted 8 years Ago
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