When we had  to move out of our molded and water-damaged rental home, my kids were really sad. With our things off to storage and the holidays approaching, we didn’t have much money for Christmas. One thing I knew would surely brighten this inconvenient time was to take them to Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Event, which they had never attended before. They had never met Princess Tiana before either and wouldn’t it fantastic if we could?

So, showing up to their school by surprise with suitcases packed in the trunk, my husband and I drove them on a two-hour trip that involved two hours of nonstop “Where are we going?” When we got to the Disney resort at Coronado Springs my youngest said “WOW! At least we have a home for one day.” I couldn’t move. We sat outside in the car and I cried like a baby. I knew they would be happy, but I didnt know they would understand what I was trying to do — to give them a sense of home for a day. The older one agreed and we had a great time at Disney with hot chocolate, cookies, characters, and the best-ever rides.

Thanks, Disney, for being so magical that even adults can forget their misfortunes, even if just for one day.

– Tracy, 39, West Palm Beach, FL


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Posted 4 years Ago
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