In December 2013 an item on my family’s bucket list was marked off: a trip to Walt Disney World for Christmas and New Year’s. On this trip there were 10 of us, from my grandson Grayson who is two,  to my mother, Grandma Tom, who is 96! In reading your fan stories I read the story of a grandmother who took her grandchild to WDW and took along a little gift to be given to a child that didn’t seem to be having a “magical time.” I loved this concept, so I purchased six 6″ Mickey Mouse dolls to take with us for the six days we would be visiting the parks.

One night while visiting Hollywood Studios, it was late and Grandma Tom and I were sitting and waiting for the rest of the group to finish riding Toy Story. A family with three young children came along and the youngest one was crying and could not be consoled. A cast member named Pete came along and spoke to the child and gave him some stickers. He calmed down a bit, but was still visibly upset. About that time, my four-year-old granddaughter, Hayden, came along looking like a mini Belle (having visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique earlier that morning) and saw that he was having a bad day. She ran over to me and said, “Memaw, can I give him one of our Mickey Mouse dolls?” I gave Hayden the doll and she took Grayson by the hand and ran over and gave it to the little boy. To our surprise, he immediately stopped crying, looked at them and smiled a big smile. After some conversation with his very thankful family, the little boy gave Hayden a great big hug. Needless to say, this was the main reason we brought the Mickeys with us.

To top this night off, as we rounded the corner to see the Osborne Family Lights, Pete, the cast member who gave the little boy the stickers, came looking for Hayden and Grayson and gave both of them  light-up Mickey Mouse ears! He explained to us that he had never witnessed what she and Grayson had done for the little boy and was very impressed. We never expected anything but our own satisfaction in making someone’s day a little better, and a positive learning experience for Hayden and Grayson by giving our Mickey Mouse dolls away; but as we already knew, Disney World is such a magical place that anything can happen at any time.

– Michelle, 59, Cincinnati, OH


We hope you enjoyed this Fan Story as much as we did.  Have you ever witness a Random Act of Disney Kindness? We want to hear all about it!

Posted 3 years Ago
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