Youth to Seniorhood, Loving it All!

Growing up as a child I used to rush home and turn on “The Mickey Mouse Club” on the T.V. with all the Mouseketeers, everyday without fail. I lived to watch this show. My husband and I married very young, he 21, and me 18. Within two years we had our first daughter and four years later our second daughter. When our daughters were two and six we took them to Disney World for the first time; it was 1974. Disney World was just a baby with only two hotels and one park, the Contemporary and Polynesian, and the Magic Kingdom. We drove whole way from New Jersey to Orlando and stayed at the Contemporary Hotel. It was THE most exciting time in our life. The first day we went into the Magic Kingdom, loving it all! But when the parade and the music started I was especially affected, filled with such overwhelming feelings. The music brought back such wonderful memories of all the Mickey Mouse Club shows I watched through my childhood, especially┬áthe “M-I C-K-E Y- M-O-U-S-E” song. I started to cry. Happy tears, tears of joy, tears of childhood memories that were buried deep within me. It was wonderful! This was what I wanted to give to our children: magical memories.

Now we travel several times a year with our children and our grandchildren, three generations. Both our daughters honeymooned in WDW. My husband and I are now 66 and 69 and still love WDW to the point that we go to WDW at least three, sometimes four, times a year. I have just finished five weeks of radiation treatment and still have more to do but we have our next trip planned to WDW in two months. We are ‘oldies’ now but WDW still brings us excitement, romance and wonderful memories. Thank you WDW. You are just what the doctor ordered!

– Diane Kozlowski, 66, Grover, NJ

Posted 4 years Ago
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