I was lucky to travel to Disney World almost every other year when I was young, from 1990 to 1997. My parents would load my brother, sister and I into our maroon minivan and spend two days driving from Massachusetts to Walt Disney World to stay at the Polynesian resort for a week of rides, parades, fireworks, magical moments, laughs and lasting memories. We would travel with our grandparents, other family friends or just the five of us. But, as we grew older our “real life” got in the way; sports, school, friends, work, and marriages took up all of our time.

Fast forward 10 years later and I started getting the urge to go back to Disney World. As we began looking through old photo albums and watching home movies of our trips, I got my mom, dad and sister on board with me. In 2009 the four of us went back to where it all started, the Polynesian Resort. It was the Year of a Million Dreams and my sister got to enjoy EPCOT for free on her birthday! This trip rekindled the child in all of us; we went back to old favorite rides (Tower of Terror!), fell in love with new ones (Toy Story Mania!), enjoyed all the new and old that the world had to offer us and now had all new memories to look back on. Since 2009 we have gone back every other year and brought more people each time. In 2011, we got my brother, his wife and my boyfriend (now husband) to join our Disney-loving crew. In 2013, we got my sister’s boyfriend, aunt and cousin to join in the magic along with a very special tag-along soon-to-be Disney lover, my unborn son.

In 2015, we will be heading back to Disney World again with an even bigger crowd that includes my son and niece! So, to all the Disney lovers out there afraid of their kids losing interest in the most magical place on Earth–don’t worry, it will come back to them. Maybe not tomorrow or the next year or even the year after that, but know the magic never stops. It may fade away, but it will always be there in their hearts.

– Rachel Keohane, 29, Danvers, MA


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Posted 4 years Ago
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