Would You Swim with a Bear? These Filmmakers Did

Filming a nature documentary like Disneynature’s Bears requires not only an enormous amount of cinematic creativity, but also a whole lot of courage, too. In the case of Bears, the team who produced and filmed the movie spent two years getting as close as possible to a family of Alaskan bears, not to mention a host of other wild animals. In order to get all of the shots they needed, they had to maneuver very carefully throughout the wilderness while staying safe and not disturbing their subject.

In this clip from behind the scenes of the film, co-director and producer Adam Chapman explains how they got a special underwater view of one of the bears swimming just feet away:


The extended making-of video, with even more about the techniques they used to capture the incredible footage in Bears, is available right now to watch on Disney Movies Anywhere.

Posted 4 years Ago
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